Friday, October 12, 2012

Horne Street: Surprise Lesson!

If there is anything I will be taking away from this experience is that being an elementary school librarian leaves you extremely busy.  Especially if you are Mrs. Smart.  There have been several times today in which she has disappeared from the library mysteriously to go help someone.  I've been telling people that she is out being a super hero when they come looking for her.

Earlier however, a whole class came.  She went out to help a classroom with a projector issue and before I knew it, the next class was walking into the library.  So I began to remind the kids of how they are supposed to act in the library and where they are supposed to sit, just like Mrs. Smart did.  It flowed from there, I went through the whole lesson (Mrs. Smart DID return but she let me do the whole thing).  The kids were great, though they liked to ask questions and Mrs. Smart had to interject because they got too off topic.  We talked about Hopes and Dreams, made their wordle, and that was it.

I've been rather nervous about taking over the class, which makes me think maybe, just maybe she did it on purpose, which is fine.  It was a great experience, and it really helped my conference in being able to take over a class.

Later I'm going to write an entry summing up my take-aways from my time here, but until then, be well!

(This was on the 28th, unfortunately my computer failed to publish it on time and I never caught it until now!)


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