Friday, September 28, 2012

Horne Quick Update: How the Lesson Went

Overall the lesson went alright.  I read to them and guided them through the thought process of thinking of their own hopes and dreams for the library.  Though I must admit, reading to them about Jane Goodall and telling them about the work she's done kind of pales in comparison.  I remember one class the other day, two students were so excited by the story and about Jane that they decided to ask their parents if they could volunteer for the Humane Society.  Still, a lot of hopes and dreams for the library were about things they wanted to learn from books or series they wanted to complete, which was great.

The Wordle was a big hit too.  I had them call out what colors they wanted and layouts and text.  Some asked me if they could have a copy of their own but unfortunately we couldn't do that.  I still need to work on my classroom control.  There were three kids in the back who were acting up a bit and I don't think I handled it as well as I could.  I just tend to freeze up when I have to do something and they look like they are about to cry.  All the methods I've learned about just fill my head and I never know which one is right.  Do I go with my instinct?  What would the school want me to do?  What would the librarian want me to do?  And then after I just second guess myself and think well I shouldn't have done that for X, Y, Z reasons.  But the good news is overall everyone did enjoy the lesson, especially the YouTube video from the Jane Goodall Institute.

Everyone loves a good monkey.


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