Friday, October 12, 2012

Horne Street: Take Aways

There are many things to take away from this.  First of all is being a school librarian is very busy, but rewarding work.  I didn't even do half the work Mrs. Smart did and yet I would return home exhausted but full of fun stories.  I introduced several kids to new book series that they then continued to read.  I managed to remembered a book for one kindergartner who really wanted to check it out as his first book, but unfortunately it had disappeared within a week.  He got a book on pirates instead and was quite thrilled.  I scoured the library with two other 2nd graders for a "Bad Kitty" book but unfortunately they were all checked out.  And I brought a book and a Clifford stuffed animal to a scared kid who had an accident and was hiding in embarrassment under a table.

I also, on a more mundane note, weeded all the outer space books, checked in new books on faeries, created a display for Responsive Classroom at the request of the science teacher, and made sure Mrs. Smart ate relatively on time for lunch.  Overall I feel it was a great and full experience.  I really got a sense as to what working an elementary school classroom was like.  I know there is more to it of course, and time management plays heavily into it, but this was a great taste.

So, I believe I promised a list of take-aways?  Here they are:

  • It's rewarding work
  • You're always busy
  • You do something slightly different every day
  • Kids like to interrupt each other so be firm in telling them to wait
  • ALWAYS remember to get back to a kid you told to wait
  • Acknowledge their choices and they will react more positively to reading
  • Band Aids magically fix any kind of pain
  • Non Fiction is MUCH more interesting when you're reading at elementary school level
  • Telling a kid "I don't know" doesn't cut it, you have to give them something
  • Working with the other faculty and helping out with things like recess or waiting for kids to get picked up by parents helps create bonds
  • Projectors are a pain
  • Always be clear in your explanations
Thanks for reading!  Next I will be going more in depth with my practicum work!

This post was saved in my files but not actually posted.  I must be more aware when I write on my tablet.  This entry was actually made on the 29th.


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