Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Low Stress Job?

This entry has been inspired by:  http://lisnews.org/librariana_low_stress_job

Is being a librarian a low stress job?  I am honestly wondering that now, and re-evaluating what my original stance on the matter was.  Originally I had thought being a librarian to be a low stress job.  You organize books, answer questions, and sit in a nice relaxing quiet atmosphere.  Then I actually went to library school.

Thing is, I think being librarian can be a relaxing career.  I just don't think it should be.  Not that every librarian should stress themselves out, I just feel like if it is relaxing you're doing something wrong.  Going back to my previous classes, you should be out and about talking to people, keeping up with current events, talking with teachers and professors, managing programs and generating ideas all day.

Take in to account all of the busy work that also goes with being a librarian and I don't see any room for relaxing.  It's not necessarily stressful, but it is certainly not "quiet" enough for one to sit back and contemplate.  If we compare it to other professions I am sure "relaxing" could describe it but if we get into the drone of just sitting behind our desks checking books we're going to go back to making people question why they need us.

Librarianship should NOT be relaxing.


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