Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Careers

Careers are, in general, difficult to start.  You begin with all these hopes and dreams and expectations and as the career goes on you just...lessen those expectations.  It's hard to keep up and keep yourself on your toes enough so that you DON'T lessen expectations.  It's a never ending battle and stamina is key.

So how do we build up stamina?  Those with enough self discipline will be able to gain that through sheer repetition but in my experience not a lot of people have a whole lot of self discipline.  I feel there has to be better ways, better methods.  Sometimes "Just keep going" really isn't enough to well, keep one going.

I bring this up due to big news my husband brought to me today: He will be stopping to get his masters at the end of THIS year to get some real world experience and then re-evaluate his scientific focus.  It makes sense, his advisor was the one who brought this up as the best idea but...I had thought I had 3 years to complete my own masters and start my career before we had to worry about his.  Now I have four months.

It's a tad overwhelming.  Now my whole concentration is, how do I juggle this new turn of events with both of my careers that I am trying to stay on top of which are really both new in the grand scheme of things.  Librarianship and writing, it's more than just networking and reading (thank goodness for the web that I can do that easily anyway) but it is the stress and the pressure.  What should I be doing?  What do I need to do?  Am I really doing the right thing or is there something key I forgot?  Is this turn of events really going to effect all of this?

I know I am probably over reacting, but I cannot help but have this small nagging feeling like I am forgetting something.  I feel like I am not doing enough now, and I need to step it up.  Maybe take more classes next semester.  More importantly, support my dear husband and his decision that, though he seemed relieved and happy about, must have been tough in and of itself.  Can we both juggle all this?  I guess time will tell.


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