Monday, September 26, 2011

RSS and Schools

I was surprised to hear from my own teacher that RSS feeds appear to be dying.  Maybe I am not that into the technological evolution of web based products, but I for one am entirely in love with RSS.  I started using Google Reader for an assignment for my 511 class introducing me into the library field, and have since evolved it to encompass most all web sites I view on a regular basis.

I am now using a program called "Feedly" which has a more friendly user interface to keep up to date on the web, but I find RSS feeds to be a necessity now.  Anyplace where I can access all of my web sites without having to search and view each one for updates is incredibly useful.  I did take a look at Symbaloo and a few other sites that help you keep web sites organized, but my Feedly is the only one I check daily.

This is really all personal preference.  Some may like Symbaloo better for sharing links with each other, or even wikis, but for personal use RSS feeds are my cup of tea.  I share my RSS feeds right on my blogs as well, as you can see.  For my writing blog I share different sites than my library blog.  It allows for me to specify what I think my followers would be interested in.

I can see how this would be absolutely wonderful for schools.  Students can share their favorite web sites and interact with each other.  I guess the only shortcoming of RSS is that it does not allow for others to comment on the sites you picked.  In an interactive school atmosphere this is troubling, in which other means of sharing links would be superior.  But if you are just aiming to share, and only share, than I believe it works just fine.

Class 611: Information teaching in Educational Organizations


Marilyn Arnone
Thursday, September 29, 2011

I agree that RSS feeds are great for personal use. That's also how I use them for the most part. To get these discussions sparked, I suggest taking a look at Kate's blog and her post related to RSS. Here's a chance to talk about the opposite opinion on RSS. Have fun!

Kate E.
Thursday, September 29, 2011

I love hearing your opinion on RSS feeds, mostly because they are the opposite of mine. I've tried RSS feeds a couple times, one time because I had too (thank you 511)- and I just can't get into it. Between blog rolls, facebook and twitter I get almost everything I need from the blogs I read. To me RSS has always seemed like one more place to check. I will Feedly a look though- see if it catches my eye!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wow, I'm impressed by the amount of effort you've put into your blog. I can tell that you've been using it for a while! I haven't ever tried to use an RSS, but I might give Feedly a look. I wouldn't know if RSS are dying out or not, but it sounds like a lot of people, once they establish one, find it hard using the internet without it.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thanks for putting up this blog. you do spend a lot of time and creativity on it. I have not tried Feedly but will have to look at it. I like Kate haven't been overly enthused by RSS feeds but your ideas and opinions have merit. I think what is important is we try lots of different apps and ways to engage kids. Then if a student or group of students like to use something that you aren't too familiar with, at least you have some exposure.

Thanks again for you time and energy!

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