Friday, August 5, 2011

Today is a Reading Day

This past week has been a recovery week for me.  The two weeks before were a mix of overwhelming information storage, catch up, keeping up, and finding more and more things to keep up with.  I'm still trying to get it all organized not only in my head but on both my Mac laptop and my PC desktop (it really is annoying to have two different systems that refuse to communicate).

It brings me back to the thought of drowning in information.  I now no longer know what I would do without my computers.  I spent the weekend visiting my in-laws and going to a fun Anime convention.  I did not bring my laptop with me.  By the time I got home I felt I had been missing an extra limb this entire time.  I have yet to leave either computer alone for very long.  There is just so much to be done!  So much to read!

A couple of articles written by The Hedgehog Librarain about data storage got me thinking about drowning in information as well.  She brings up the various problems with data storage and the prospects of such overwhelming data that we wont be able to keep up.  Or will we?  Also, a brief glimpse at a friend's daily blog list caught my eye with Peace of Mind: Is the Internet Replacing Our Ability to Remember?  Well is it?  And is this necessarily a bad thing?

Truth is there is a LOT of information out there.  We have the technology and means and will to keep it all, to store it and shelter it like magpies.  We're the only species on this planet who cares/is aware enough about our own history that we record it to the best of our ability and make it mandatory to be taught to our young.  We are a species that loves knowledge.  It doesn't really matter how important the knowledge is, someone will want to keep it.

But how do we prevent ourselves, as individuals, from drowning in knowledge?  To this I say: know your limits.  I believe the question everyone should be asking is this:  "How do we, as individuals, perform our duties to our careers and to ourselves in a way that is healthy for us?"  Yes we should always have the bigger picture in mind, like how to store all that info and how to cross reference it so everyone can have access.  We should be ever mindful of the changing of the times and developments in technology.  But to keep ourselves from drowning in information, we need to be able to take a step back, and breathe. 


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