Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Much Needed Update: Graduation and fieldwork worries

So my fieldwork for Trailblazers Academy ended sort of on a mysterious note.  Even though I had sent e-mails out I had received none in return.  Apparently I am one of the lucky ones.  Out of everyone who had went to them for fieldwork I seem to have been the only one who actually managed to get any work done with them.  My assumption is that they were busy and not used to our own system.  It was a rocky start but hopefully things will sync up better in the future for other students.  I still had fun working with them regardless and I wish them luck in their further endeavours!

In the meantime I have been searching desperately all summer for fieldwork to finish up my requirement to work with an elementary school and have been met with no luck.  I ended up having to move in with my in-laws in Pennsylvania and it seems all of the schools in the area had cut any summer programs for elementary school kids due to their budgets.  The one location that had a summer program I could work with had no librarian to supervise me.  I knew finding anything in the summer would be tough but, it made me sad to hear about the cut spending even though it was necessary.  I guess I never realized how bad it could be.

Unfortunately this means I have to finish up my fieldwork fast in the fall to get to my practicum if I want to graduate by December.  I'll also be taking 3 classes at the time and making sure all of my graduation ducks are in a barrel.  I've been told that if I don't graduate by December I wont be able to graduate until next year, which is really bad considering my student loans wont wait for that.  Still, I guess it wont be so bad.  I can always still apply for librarian jobs early and hope one will take me on, degree or not.

My husband is at a temporary job in St. Louis, MO.  It's been difficult being away from him but it was the only science job he could find.  Neither of us have any idea where we are going to end up but we have some good ideas on where we are likely to end up, which currently consists of Missouri or somewhere in the Northeast.  It makes future prospects for my new and emerging career a little uncertain but I am trying my best to concentrate on graduating rather than worrying about job hunting already.  I'll think about job hunting in another few months when my husband's temp job ends and he "hopefully" has found a more permanent position.  If he hasn't found one well, then I have free reign to apply where ever I want.  That's our deal.  Whomever finds something permanent first wins the settle down game, though I will make sure to be conscious of whether he could find a position in his field where I apply.  Libraries are everywhere.  Science Industry is not. 

Though I have to say after peeking in on the library systems in St. Louis, they all look rather good.  They even have school media funding for schools.  It's super tempting, so we might just end up there anyway.

Well, here's to the future and all of my classmates who are graduating within the school year, be it December or May!  Good luck on all of our tests and competencies!  May we all find fieldwork and a good practicum location!




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