Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When My Mother Makes Me Smile...

I received a nice call from my mother the other day.  We talked about life, school and family, the usual.  When the subject of school came up, well, I naturally went into library politics.  I told her about the rough road to e-books in libraries, funding issues, my current project to help create a collections policy, and somehow I got onto an old topic.  I brought up my worries about the nay-sayers.  The ones who believe that libraries are obsolete and dying.  What she said to me after that was pleasantly surprising.

I should first mention that she has been on quite the social kick lately.  She's found a new social circle and every time she mentions what I am in school for they reply with "Wow, that's amazing!  That's a field that's really changing, it's a great time to be a part of it."  Not all of them went with those words, naturally, but to hear that people outside of the system are acknowledging it immediately made me feel better.  I couldn't help but smile.

It's working guys, keep it up!

To all librarians who are changing their system, innovating their methods, rethinking their status quo, people are noticing and reacting positively.  You're doing it.  We still have a little ways to climb but there are already measurable results.  Maybe now everyone will pile into the innovation wagon and we can get this momentum rolling faster.

It makes me feel confidant about the future.  When I graduate in a year or so, what will the library world be like?  Will it have changed drastically or will it still be in a state of flux and growth?  Either way, I can't wait to get out there and be a part of it.

Oops, sorry, as my husband says I already AM a part of it.  Maybe I'm not getting paid or making any really hard decisions but I am involved, and I will continue to become more involved.  I still have that little barrier of "I'm in school so I'm not really involved yet," which is something I think all students have at some point.  We just need to get rid of that.  It's useless for us to have when there is so much we can help with.

We are involved, and we're making progress.  That's what's really important.


Anonymous said...
Thursday, March 01, 2012

I loved, loved, LOVED reading this. It makes me feel good to know members of the general public are starting to become more aware of what the library and its changing landscape metaphorically speaking. Hopefully this trend continues!

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