Sunday, July 17, 2011

Social Decadance (Online)

Class 511 - Introduction to Library and Information Professions

I am truly quite amazed at the amount of progress we've made as the human race in regards to social media.  We've invented social means by which the days of yore have never seen, or even thought of.  Could you imagine King Arthur's reaction to Facebook?  Caesar's response to Twitter?  "Gaul sacked, be home soon <3 Julius."

Now, I've known about Facebook, RSS feeds, Podcasts, Wikis, and Blogs for quite some time.  Facebook was the only one I used on a daily basis.  I tried making blogs in the past but I never knew what to write.  Thing is, I am too reliant on computers.  As in, my phone is not cool enough to help me check these things enough for me to care about them.  But on a grander scale, with more people feeding in input and information in a community, like a library, THAT I can get in to.

Social Networking is like an addiction.  The only reason I still play the MMO game World of Warcraft isn't because it is a good game, it's because I have so many friends who play it it's become something of a "hang out" spot.  Recently I started my Twitter account again and I find myself checking it constantly because more of my friends use it now.  Libraries need to get into this if they haven't already.  People love being social, one way or another.  Pick your poison: we have it now.  There is so much that can be done to connect people with the libraries through the new social means, I could write a twenty page paper on the topic and still go over the page limit.

Actually, I might do that.  Hmmm...


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