Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pocasting and QR Codes

For this entry I made a couple of podcasts.  You can listen to them by clicking the link below!

I do prefer comments to be made on my Blogger site, however.  Thank you!

Also, ideas for podcasting in the classroom!  I mean, who wouldn't want to?  It makes kids feel like movie stars or actors.  It helps shy kids come out and contribute.

So here are some nudging ideas for you educators out there.

Kidtalks - have a place on your library or school website where kids can talk about the books they are reading and give reviews.  They can b artistic with it, adding music, or just ramble on.  Recording equipment can be provided by the library and posted through the library.

Radioshow - I feel this is the most obvious, but instead of a school paper how about a radio podcast show?  You can split the class into groups and have them each record their own show for a few months.  They can choose a subject to talk about, and go at it!  A little guidance may be needed, but again recording equipment can be provided by the library and time can be allotted during the day for the kids to record.

Songwriting - My sister in law actually gave me this idea.  She has been taking theme songs from anime and inserting her own lyrics playfully making fun of the series.  Why not have the kids take their favorite theme songs and do the same?  You can even switch it up and have them change lyrics to songs for certain historical periods, make it like School House Rock.  There may be copywrite issues here, but it is a thought.

There's lots more, but I just wanted to shout out these examples.  Remember to listen to my podcasts for more thoughts!


Denice B.
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hurray Amanda - helpful, enjoyable and interesting :) You are making me wish that I did a podcast as well (much easier than the YouTube video - don't have to worry about hair or lighting!).

I was inspired to create a QR code myself today - was writing a newsletter for undergraduates in my department, and wanted to include a url for a scholarship they might be interested. The url was long, daunting and complicated. I was going to shorten it with Tiny URL, but then it hit me, QR code!

You mentioned that as far as access, not everyone (including you) are able to view these codes. I figured I was pretty safe - have you seen undergrads? Those smart phones are literally attached to their hands at all times! With time though, you are right, it is just going to be something just about everyone will have access to.

Awesome and amazing idea to put QR codes right on books - brings us back to linear and non-linear reading. I can even see QR codes imbedded right in the text (not just on the front or back cover). Especially with non-fiction - students is reading book about immigration to the US, and then can access Ellis Island record site by scanning code for more information. The possibilities!!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

These are cool ideas! Also, you mentioned in your podcast that the technology would exclude the deaf, but on the plus side, it's something that contributes positively to accessibility for blind people, who I imagine have a hard time in a world where things have become so visual and text-based.

Also, QR codes are pretty awesome. I don't have any technology that's able to access them either, but I think they're really neat as a concept. Kind of like a hyperlink stuck into reality.


Marilyn Arnone
Monday, October 31, 2011

You are chock full of great ideas, Amanda. For the song-writing idea, you mentioned a worry about copyright. How about looking for public domain songs that kids already know and you could change the words? That might be fun, too.

Also, in the podcast you did, you mentioned that a downside is that podcasts wouldn't meet the need of those with hearing impairments. You could also provide an alternative representation of the podcast by having a transcript right next to or under it.

I love your enthusiasm!

Marilyn Arnone
Monday, October 31, 2011

I almost forgot to mention that I like the idea you talked about in your QR podcast about having QR codes in the library that link to book reviews. I think that would be enormously helpful in public libraries, too, when folks are trying to make a book selection and they are on the fence about which one to take home!

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